Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Kisses!

I made home made valentines for the kids! 
Isabel had a Valentines Day Party at her school. I went to help. They had cupcakes, and ice cream floats with red sprite. 

This is one of her friends, Jack.

 The kids and I went to the Kids Festival in Des Moines while Aaron was out of town. It was packed with people. They were petting zoo, face painting, train rides, bounce houses, and so much more!
 This is one giant GERM!
 Isabel painted a frisbee
 Train Ride
 She didn't know what Star Wars was, but she thought they were pretty cool.
 Once she saw Dora, we had to stop everything to go and see her!
 Princess Aurora!
 There was a toddler bounce play area, which Cade loved! He is so adorable!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Fondue and Party time!

Cade is the most sweetest little boy I have ever met. I love him dearly. Right now he loves to do 3 things. Read books, find and play with space heaters, and the blow dryer. Yep he is amazing and unique. 
 Fondue/Wii Party with our Friends!! The Vanhaftens
 True love

 Grandma Holbrook made the kids Ugg slippers for Christmas. 
 For my 28th Birthday, we went to Hickory Park, then we home and opened presents and ate cake. Then the next night Aaron took me out on a date in Des Moines for dinner, and a comedy show.
 A Chi Straightener, memory foam pillow, face moisturizer cream kit! My husband is amazing!
 Cade got the flu really bad, poor guy.
 Here he is like every day, sitting down reading a book instead of playing with toys. I find books everywhere around the house. He is one cute boy.

 Aaron is in a studio class where they had to make a toy that had a meaning behind it. So he made a rocking horse with an identity crisis. Aaron is so talented. The professor of his told him he should patent it and sell it for $800.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas is here!

We went to Rochester MN to celebrate Christmas with Aaron's family. Sarah and Jared, and Kaci came also. 
Isabel helped Grandpa deliver Christmas goodies to the neighbors. 
Making the famous Donuts for Christmas Eve

Cade liked having a boy cousin around

The classic pajama picture on Christmas Eve. They had a blast.

Singing Christmas Carols
Christmas Day 2013
Isabel was so excited that she got her Barbi house that she wanted from Santa
Cade just wanted his papa and was a little confused about the morning. He just wanted to eat more breakfast.

I surprised Aaron with the watch he has been talking about for months.

Isabel got the bow and arrow from the movie Brave
They are rocking out with Isabel's new microphone and guitar set. The Oesterle Band.
Grandma O got the kids Snugglies for Christmas.
Cade helping Grandma with the cooking. Some one has to do it!
I found these two under the table
Bath time!
Cade loves to be read to. This is one of his books he got from Christmas.

This race track is what Cade got from Santa!