Thursday, May 29, 2014


                                       Aarons final project on the Toy Studio. A rocking horse with an identity crisis. He had to make a fashion piece relating to the  toy. So he made a wooden vest/ chest plate.

                                                                 Mother's Day

My kids made a new sport. Face Ball. They bite on the balls, and run into each other, and fall over.
                                           Playing Guitar with Papa
                                                  Aaron's 29th Birthday

                                             Aaron's cousins wedding.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Easter/ and fun 2014

Easter Egg Hunt. Cade would find an egg, and start opening it up, and drop the basket and run, thinking I would take it away " If I knew what was inside."
Isabel did great finding the Eggs.

Decorating Easter Eggs.

Cade and Isabel had to find their Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny hid them. They received Kites, and toys, and chocolates bunnys and a few movies. They are so spoiled.
We went to the Des Moines Zoo. We try to go 1-2 per year.

Isabel loved the Sea Lion Exhibit, it is new this year.
I can't believe i missed recording this moment. The lion was full out roaring. His roar was so loud it vibrated the floor. He roared for least 2 minutes.  Of course Cade was roaring back. I will never forget this moment.

Cade 16 months old

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Isabel First Dance Recital 4/2014

Isabel practiced, and performed her first dance recital when she was 4. She danced to

                         Ma Belle Evangeline Disney The Princess and the Frog

The rest of the girls in her class were 1-2 years older than her. She was advance to an older class because she was doing so well. I am so proud of my daughter.
They had to wait for their time to go on stage.
The end of the performance pose.

Aaron giving Isabel her first rose for an amazing performance.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come and see her perform. She was so happy they could come, so were we.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Madness 2014

Cade: 15 months old
He likes to play with Blow Dryers, Space Heaters, and Read Books. Also get into things, like this basket.

We went to a kids festival in Des Moines. There were tons of activities the kids could do. They did really well there.
That's one BIG Germ.
Isabel was so excited to see Sleeping Beauty there.
The place had bounce houses, even ones for Cade. He liked it so much.
Aaron and I love to read to the kids every night.
What a Stud! 15 months old! He is ready for church.
Church Day Pictures.
I convince one of the Ten Tenors to get me into their show when they were playing in Ames. So Shawnia and I went, and had a blast. Amazing voices, and performance.  No one can pass up an Australian accent.
We have a routine on brushing teeth at night before bed. This is how Cade feels about his Oral Health.
Aaron fabricated his own style of a "rocking horse with a identity crisis." Its a two seater, and it can fold up and be put away.
Starting to go to parks, still slightly chilly.
Cade is getting the hang of going down the slides.
This is what happens when you have an older sister.
Sibling love