Monday, March 23, 2015

March! and Spring Break!!

The kids love bath time.  They get a long better now than before. They still do have their moments. 
 Crazy hair
 We went to Ledges Park, in Boone Iowa with a few families in the ward.  The roads were blocked in the middle of the park, so we hiked down the trail so the kids could play in the freezing shallow water.  Yes, ice chunks would float by occasionally.  They all had a blast, why stop them from having a great memory.. Oh I can think of one, frost bite. yeah

 That same weekend, we went to the Omaha Zoo one last time.  I felt like it would be probably, since we most likely will be moving after May.  Cade and Isabel really enjoyed it!! There is so much more to see at this Zoo.  It was such an amazing day too, great weather.  I had to watch Cade like a hawk.  He wouldn't want to stay in the stroller the whole time, and wanted to see everything!! He is really talented in maneuvering in between people in a crowd.  He could stand up for him self, and push his way up to the front glass view of the animals.  Isabel was interested in the animals more than before. She asked more questions, and studied the animals.

 Our first Circus Experience!!  We went to Des Moines to see the Circus.  They had tigers, huge Elephants, and pretty cool acts.  The kids got in for free.  The announcer kept pushing the parents in the audience to buy the $15 light up sticks for the kids. ahah and the $ 7 balloons, etc.  Isabel and Cade did really well. I was surprised.  The circus started at 7 pm.  It didn't end til 10 pm. We went with the Bunderson family that are in our ward, and our neighbors.

 There was a transformer at the Circus also.  Cade knew what it was and wanted to take a picture with it.  Of course it was $10 to do so.  So we saw him from a distance.
  A clown embarrassed me that night. There were a group of them, and they saw me, and one of them yelled over and over again really loud: " Look its Brittany Spears! LOOK!" Of course everyone around turned and looked at me.  Jan my friend thought it was hilarious.  I was beat red, and tried to avoid the attention.  To be honest, it takes a lot to embarrass me, so this surprised me that it did.  Probably since I wasn't expecting it.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Mallorie/ Snow! Snow!/Antonio Banderas

Yes another Birthday!!
 Its so cold out, but I love it, I get to see these rosie cheeks.
 The kids were cold and bundled up and watched TV after playing out in a blizzard. Church was canceled.  It was a very non productive day! I liked it a lot actually. Not pressured to be anywhere, literally stuck at home. It was pretty amazing.
 Aaron decided again to grow out his hair and beard.  The beard annoyed him, so he just grew out the hair.  He grew out his hair from October - February. He hated to have his hair in his eyes, but was memorized by his "long luscious wavy locks" he so called it.  So I had a solution for him.  Put his hair up in a half pony like Antonio Banderas.  He agreed. Only in the house tho!! 
 Before and After photos. He got a hair cut similar to a gentleman's cut.

 Let it snow!! The snow is melting with all this love!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Let it snow! Let it snow!! The kids loved to play in the snow as much as they could.  It was such a long step process to get these kids bundled. I had to remind Cade through the process that he will have fun out in the snow after we are done!

Snow tons of protein

Our new tradition. I made these hand puppets to go over the Nativity Scene on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day 2014
Isabel: 5 yo,  Cade: 2 yo.  Isabel got a Kareoke machine, and Slugterra toys from Santa.  Cade got a Basketball hoop, and cars from Santa.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Season!

The best friends reunite again!! They miss each other deeply. Dafne and Isabel BFF! They came to Iowa to visit family for the holidays, and was able to visit us as well.

Went to Grandma Oesterle house .We played Sophia teapot party board game with cousins.

Building Snowmen with cousins. They worked so well together!!
Making snowmen is hard work!!
Isabel is so pretty, even when she is cold and wet.
Gingerbread houses!!

Isabel was able to participate in the Gilbert's Kindergarten Holiday Concert.

They sang beautiful. Then after all the songs, The chorister came out, and said we have a surprise for the audience and the children on stage.  They will be singing a surprise song for us.  Then the Frozen song came on. The kid's reactions were priceless.  We were all shocked that every child knew the words exactly. It was an amazing performance. All the parents were proud.
Isabel asked for Slugterra toys for Christmas.  Cade asked for a basketball hoop.
Skittles has been pretty rebelious at our house, but just down right funny too.